Most people don’t know what to think when they hear I’m a “naturopath.” What is Naturopathic Medicine and how is it different from conventional or “Allopathic” medicine you ask? In essence, a naturopathic physician has quite a large toolkit to draw from. We learn conventional medicine such as diagnosis, pharmaceuticals, minor surgery and then we learn, what one may describe as more traditional type medicine, such as counseling, exercise and nutrition therapies, herbal medicine, and much more. My goal is to find and treat the underlying *cause* of your disease or condition, meanwhile teaching you, the patient, how to recognize and prevent any further infirmity.

In my leisure time, I enjoy nature in the form of hiking, running, equestrian and family activities with my Newport friends and family. In 2018 we purchased Bear Paw camp, thus the move to Newport. I have an adventurous husband and 3 busy kids who love life right alongside me.