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With all the concerns swirling regarding cold/ flu season as well as the approaching start of school, I wanted to take a moment and revisit the elements of healthy living especially when it comes to the prevention of disease.
Stop for a moment and take this little survey to help highlight areas that may be out of balance in your health:
I get an average of 8 hours of sleep per night.
▢ Yes ▢ No
I drink half my body weight in ounces of water daily.
▢ Yes ▢ No
I would report my stress level as low.
(2-4/10 *10 worst)
▢ Yes ▢ No
I am intentionally active at least 20 minutes/day.
▢ Yes ▢ No
I eat mainly whole foods, avoiding packaged or processed foods.
▢ Yes ▢ No

You probably already figured out the answer to all these questions should be a resounding “yes!” But if you are missing the mark on even a couple, you may want to re-evaluate your priorities to include your health.
So, how do you compensate for years of an unhealthy lifestyle? Listen to our wise predecessors:
“Overwork and lack of sleep reduce the vitality in an astonishingly short time and render one peculiarly susceptible to colds. Indulging too freely in a hearty dinner…the free use of alcoholic beverages paralyzes the vasomotor mechanism of the skin, and renders one peculiarly susceptible to colds…TREATMENT – PREVENTIVE – any measure that builds up the system and increases vital resistance…Sufficient refreshing sleep, wholesome food, and an active condition of the eliminative organs will insure against colds.”
– The Practical Guide to Health ©1908
My takeaway is this: prioritize your health now before it forces you to take notice (ie. Chronic disease or hospitalization).
Handy Helpers:
▢ 2000 mg Vitamin C daily
▢ 8000 iu Vitamin D each morning
▢ 30 mg zinc + 250 mg Quercetin daily
▢ 3000 mg Omega-3 per day
▢ 50 billion organism probiotic per day.

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